Germany Home Shirt 1990

Since achieving the first place at 1954 FIFA World Cup Switzerland, the Germany national football team has becoming a powerful team in international football field. It is awarded the trophies of World Cup and European Cup three times respectively in 50 years, leaving legendary stories popular in the world. Besides, Germany football shirt is splendid the same as their honors. Although taking white and black as main color of football shirt, it does not mean rigid German will not bring surprises to the world. In fact, not only colorful and concise white and black football shirts worn by Franz Beckenbauer in 1974, but also striking tri-color football shirts in 1990 had become permanent classic memory in hearts of football fans.


Germany home shirt 1990 takes white as main color, accompanied three curve stripes through chest and shoulder part. Classic black, red and orange stripes is an epitome of Germany national football team, leaving deep impression in loyal football fans’ heart.

And in 1990s, the football shirt of Germany national football team takes black, red and yellow in design, only varied in specific pattern of manifestation.

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