Argentina 2018 Away Football Shirt

The former coach of Argentina national team Alfio Basile(nickname: Coconut) talked about the forward Gonzalo Higuaín recently and he said that it was Higuaín that resulted largely in Argentina’s failure in the 2014 World Cup.

Basile said:“The most impressive player at that time was Higuaín, but everyone didn’t want to remember that. Because when it comes to the 2014 World Cup, everyone thinks that Higuaín lost the chance to score a goal at the beginning of the game and we finally missed the championship.”

“I didn’t know what happened to Higuaín at that time. He could shoot by thousands of ways, but he lost it.”

“We couldn’t say that he resulted in our failure, but he indeed did it. Higuaín was under tremendous pressure. It may be a goal that will help Argentina national team win the FIFA World Cup Trophy and will create an immortal history.”

In addition, Basile also said something about Sampaoli, “I didn’t know him before. I knew him when he helped Chile get the title of Copa América in 2015. I was surprised that he could serve as head coach of Argentina national team.”

Argentina national team once won Copa América in 1991 and won again in 1993. Basile was the coach at that time.

Jorge Luis Sampaoli Moya(born 13 March 1960) is currently the manager of Argentina national team. He was appointed as the head coach by the Argentine Football Association on 20 May 2017. His first game was a friendly match against Brazil on 9 June in Australia. Sampaoli was named South American Coach of the Year and IFFHS World’s Best National Coach in 2015 and La Liga Manager of the Month in October 2016.

Argentina national team owns a lot of world-famous players, such as Lionel Messi and Sergio Agüero. What will happen to the powerful team in the stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup? Let’s wait and see.

There is an away football shirt 2018 for the team. Adidas has been adhering to the idea of being loyal to classic designs and creating more innovative football products. The 2018 Argentina away jersey is inspired by the previous jerseys and it combines advanced technologies at the same time. Therefore, players can play well and run freely on football fields. The away jersey maintains an easy-to-identify classic look and creates a unique style both on the court and in daily life.

The well-designed Argentina away jersey 2018 is predominately black for the first time. It features the sky blue and white zigzag pattern from the Argentine flag. White Adidas three stripes are put on shoulders in contrast to the main color. Besides, it is printed with a lightweight team badge and Adidas logo on chest. The two five-pointed stars represent two World Cup titles. 100% polyester can keeps players cool and comfortable.

White shorts and black socks complete the Argentina 2018 away football kit.

Fans are available to get Argentina football shirts now. You can also get a special football shirt with the name and number you like. Please select your favorite one.

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